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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mommy Makeover Sonoma County

Mommy Makeover Sonoma County | San Francisco Bay Area

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Location: Santa Rosa, California - ★★★★★  Ratings: 4.74 -118 Reviews -  Mommy Makeover is just a new advertising term for the combination of Tummy Tuck, Breast Surgery, and Liposuction. These time-tested surgical procedures are the ones to which women most normally turn to restore their bodies which they enjoyed before their pregnancies. Women who are unhappy about the toll their pregnancies have taken on their bodies are looking for other permanent options.  Considering that most females perform physical exercise and diet fall short in restoring the physique there are good alternative for this condition. Women that are serious about obtaining a long term solution will turn towards the ultimate repair, the Mommy Makeover. A woman’s self-esteem and self-image are normally tied to her looks, making sagging breasts plus a loose, protruding tummy no modest matter.

 What body changes do pregnancies do to the female body?

The breasts enlarge during pregnancy and endure additional stretching with engorgement from milk throughout the breastfeeding phase. The skin stretches but normally does not recover to its former integrity, since the elastin and also the collagen fibers have been permanently altered. This stretching of your skin changes the shape of the breasts and can decrease the general size. Patients typically note that they wear a smaller bra size just after their pregnancies than they did ahead of their pregnancies.

Older mothers have a tendency to suffer a more significant impact from their pregnancies both on their breasts and abdomen than younger mothers. Their skin tone is already compromised  by the passage of time, as well as the adjustments brought on by pregnancy and breastfeeding only add further insult.
Mommy makeover flow chart-Santa Rosa, California
Mommy Makeover Flow Chart

Cosmetic surgery addresses these issues, restoring volume and youthful contours for the breasts and a firm, flatter profile towards the abdomen. The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty address the abdomen plus the breast surgery can restore the breast changes. The diagram below illustrates the challenges regions a woman may perhaps have soon after her pregnancies are completed and how a Mommy Makeover can restore her figure in methods that no level of dieting and physical exercise can ever realize.

This is a generalized illustration. An actual consultation is needed to customize a Mommy Makeover to meet the particular needs of every patient.

San Francisco plastic surgery specialist with offices in San Francisco, Sonoma and Marin County, California.Dr. Delgado is certified by the Am. Board of Plastic Surgery. He specializes in facelift surgery, all breast surgery, and body contouring  such as liposuction, tummy tuck, and mommy makeover.  415 8984161


  1. Mommy makeover is what I desperately need! I just had my 3rd kid and it's done a number on my body. Don't get me wrong. I love my children, but I also love my body. Has anyone here had a mommy makeover done in Dallas or DFW area? I am search for a board certified plastic surgeon who comes highly recommended.
    Smita sharma

  2. We would be happy to discuss your situation. Please call us at 415898-4161

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    Dr. Fiorillo

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